Culture and Values
We are passionate about creating a workplace where every attorney is responsible for the firm’s success and shares in that success.
Because we think and act as a team, all our lawyers do critical, substantive trial work. Our associates are not stuck in an office doing endless document review or drafting research memos. Instead, they work alongside our partners in every aspect of the investigation, analysis, and litigation of our cases, including taking a meaningful role in court.
Our approach to litigation ensures that our attorneys gain meaningful experience at every stage of their career. We also promote attorneys based on merit and their ability to deliver results for our clients. There is no lock-step structure. Rather, dedication and success determine the pace of advancement. We have a two-tier partnership track, and when attorneys demonstrate their ability to manage cases, they are made partner. Some of our attorneys have made partner after only five years.
We are proud to count among our ranks graduates from the top law schools, law review editors, judicial law clerks, federal prosecutors, and people from diverse educational, professional, and personal backgrounds. We are always interested in recruiting new talent.

Diversity, Inclusion, and Pro Bono
We are deeply committed to building a diverse team. We strive not only to recruit the best talent from all backgrounds, but also to develop and promote an ever-more inclusive pool of lawyers and staff at all levels of the firm.
In addition, we believe that the law should serve a socially useful purpose. Attorneys at the firm are active in academic, community and pro bono activities. For example, Reid Collins & Tsai is part of the ACLU of Louisiana’s Justice Lab initiative, a campaign to challenge racially discriminatory policing practices. The firm accepts pro bono matters approved by the management team. In addition, many of our attorneys regularly participate as speakers and contributors to important professional and community organizations.

Compensation and Benefits
Reid Collins & Tsai matches and often bests the industry’s top compensation packages, rewarding generous bonuses to all our lawyers and staff throughout the year.

Base Compensation

  • Junior Associates (Years 1-3+) :: $225,000
  • Senior Associates (Years 3-5+) :: $275,000
  • Senior Associates (Years 5-7+) :: $325,000
  • Non-Equity Partners (Years 6+) :: $400,000

Merit Bonuses

The firm shares its success by paying out multiple, merit-based bonuses throughout the year. There is neither a cap on the number of bonuses each year, nor on the total compensation for individual lawyers.
Bonuses are based on each attorney’s actual contribution to the firm and its successful settlements and judgments. And when an attorney provides a unique contribution to a case, that attorney is rewarded. For instance, when a junior associate found a novel solution to an issue in a case that ultimately resulted in a substantial settlement for our client, that associate received a $100,000 bonus from that case alone.
Likewise, when our senior associates and junior partners create value for our clients, they also directly share in the firm’s financial success. We have consistently paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to those attorneys who help drive the firm’s achievements.

The chart below provides the range of bonuses paid last year.
Total 2020 Bonuses

  • Junior Associates :: $15,000 – $75,000
  • Senior Associates :: $85,000 – $130,000
  • Non-Equity Partners :: $100,000 – $305,000

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