Professional Malpractice and Business Torts

Our firm prosecutes complex business tort cases across the country, many of which involve financial fraud, professional malpractice, and breach of fiduciary duty. Although many of these cases stem from our representation of foreign liquidators and domestic trustees in Ponzi-scheme litigation, we also have handled a wide variety of business tort claims on behalf of hedge funds, companies, and shareholders.

In the professional liability context, we typically bring claims against four groups of defendants: accountants, lawyers, bankers, and corporate insiders. We have pursued claims against each of the “Big Four” accounting firms. Several of our lawyers are former accountants, and we have used this experience to successfully prosecute a number of accounting malpractice cases.

In addition, we have pursued legal malpractice and related claims against more than 15 of the AmLaw 100 firms as well as numerous other regional firms. While many of these cases arise out of financial frauds, we also have asserted claims against law firms for negligently documenting multimillion-dollar transactions, providing negligent tax advice, or failing to properly advise companies on the securities laws.

Lastly, we have successfully prosecuted a number of cases against directors and officers who have harmed their companies, creditors, and investors.

These cases require thorough investigation, careful pleading, and institutional knowledge to avoid the typical traps and maximize recoveries for our clients. Through the years, we have worked closely with a multitude of experts who have knowledge in key areas, including GAAS/GAAP accounting, legal ethics, financial transactions, real estate, securities law, banking practice, and commercial damages. Our team, and our network of investigators and experts, has the experience and knowledge to assist us in prosecuting the most complex professional liability and business tort claims.

Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.