We Bring Cases Others Cannot

Many clients turn to large law firms because they do not know there are better alternatives, and in some instances, they believe that only a big law firm can solve their complex business problems. Most of our lawyers began their careers at larger institutions, and we know firsthand the unavoidable consequences of growth: conflicts of interest, gross inefficiencies, and overall sluggishness. Other clients turn to boutique law firms who are trial lawyers or have expertise in a certain field – we offer both. Our partners have handled numerous jury trials and obtained successful judgments and settlements. And as former prosecutors and entrepreneurs with business backgrounds, we have substantial experience in the complex commercial cases that we prosecute.

We formed our firm in order to have the flexibility to bring cases that other law firms are typically conflicted out of – for example, cases against auditors, lawyers, banks, insurers, and Fortune 100 companies. Because we are not beholden to large institutional clients, we are able to prosecute high stakes cases against well heeled targets who frequently believe they are insulated from liability. As a result, we are always pitted against the biggest and most well respected law firms in the country. And we have the expertise and know how to investigate, analyze, and develop cutting-edge claims that others might not see or would turn down without a second thought. In fact, some of our most notable successes in recent years were achieved after other lawyers told our clients they had no claims. Based on our many years of experience litigating these complex business matters, we know how to investigate and analyze claims, we employ the best investigators and experts for each case, and we pride ourselves on being able to develop and bring cases that need to be prosecuted.

Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.