Sexual Misconduct

In the wake of the seismic shift effectuated by the survivor-led #MeToo Movement, more women have finally felt empowered to seek justice for sexual violence, abuse and wrongdoing at the hands of powerful individuals and, in some cases, the employers who enabled such abuse in the workplace. Reid Collins represents individuals who have suffered sexual abuse.

The Reid Collins attorneys who handle these cases recognize and understand the trauma that survivors have suffered and treat these clients with the utmost sensitivity and dignity, while vigorously pursuing civil claims and seeking justice and vindication for these clients.

Reid Collins has pursued claims for sexual assault, sexual abuse, negligent retention and supervision, sex discrimination, gender discrimination, hostile work environment, and aiding and abetting of these and other related claims. Some of these claims were brought pursuant to the New York Adult Survivors Act (CPLR 214-J), which temporarily lifted the statute of limitations for sexual offenses that would otherwise be time-barred. Such claims can be revived during a limited period between November 24, 2022 and November 24, 2023.

If you have suffered sexual abuse in New York and several years have passed since the last instance of abuse, you may be eligible to file your claims before the window closes on November 24, 2023 if you wish to pursue legal action.

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