Shareholder Appraisal Rights

Reid Collins represents hedge funds, family offices and mutual funds in shareholder appraisal rights matters. The Appraisal Rights Practice at Reid Collins is unique among plaintiff firms because it is a fully integrated, global platform for dissenter rights. The team investigates and litigates dissenter rights matters for investors in every jurisdiction around the world which recognizes appraisal rights.

Our lawyers have been litigating appraisal rights cases for almost a decade and have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars on behalf of our clients. We are able to leverage a deep knowledge base that comes from litigating all manner of fiduciary duty matters alongside an unparalleled aptitude for understanding valuation and the capital markets within the context of a merger or sale. Coupled with resources that extend well beyond U.S. borders, the Appraisal Rights Practice at Reid Collins is uniquely situated to partner with its clients to pursue claims off-shore and around the world.

Presently, Reid Collins investigates and represents clients seeking appraisal rights with respect to hundreds of millions of dollars in holdings in Chinese corporations looking to delist from U.S. exchanges and relist locally. Since the onset of this trend years ago, Reid Collins has positioned itself like no other firm among its peers to achieve the best results for its clients

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