Whistleblower (qui tam) Litigation

Our lawyers have substantial experience representing whistleblowers who take the bold step to report fraud committed against governmental entities, including both state governments and the U.S. federal government.

We have represented whistleblowers in exposing schemes including sophisticated securities fraud against governmental pension funds, Medicare and Medicaid fraud by hospitals and skilled nursing facilities, and even intentional cybersecurity exposures by governmental contractors. And now, after the many government programs initiated in response to COVID-19, whistleblowers will be instrumental in ensuring that businesses that took advantage of those programs did so legitimately.

If your employer, business partner, or someone you know is defrauding the government through wrongful business practices or transactions, our lawyers can assist when you are ready to take a stand for what is right and expose fraud. These matters are initially filed under seal and provide governmental entities (and thus taxpayers) with the opportunity to recoup damages resulting from financial fraud. Whistleblowers who meet the statutory requirements are entitled to financial awards for their role in exposing matters that lead to a successful recovery by the government.

Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.